Keeping Up with Restaurant Marketing Trends: A Guide to Starting Your Own Podcast

How to Start a Restaurant Marketing Podcast

This podcast features interviews with restaurant owners and industry experts. It is an informative and entertaining show that can help you learn new marketing techniques.

It is important to find a podcast that attracts your target audience. For example, if you own a vegan restaurant, it would be best to advertise on podcasts that promote plant-based eating.

How to Start a Restaurant Marketing Podcast

A restaurant marketing podcast is an excellent way to keep up with the latest business strategies and trends in the industry. It allows busy restaurateurs to absorb information and new insights while multitasking at work.

The first step to creating a restaurant marketing podcast is to define your goal and target audience. This will help you choose a topic and format for your episodes that align with your goals and resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re looking to grow your restaurant through social media or motivate your staff during the pandemic, there is a restaurant marketing podcast for you. Podcasts have a variety of formats, from a single host to multiple hosts and remote interviews.

The Hospitality Hangout podcast is an entertaining and informative resource for restaurant technology and trends. It features interviews with a range of leaders, marketers and experts in the industry who share their thoughts on hospitality robotics and other emerging technologies.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing the right topic for your podcast is critical to its success. The right topic will allow you to create interesting content that appeals to your audience, and keep them coming back for more. Choosing a unique topic will also give you a competitive advantage over other restaurants podcasts.

For example, The Main Course restaurant podcast is a series that explores the intricacies of the restaurant industry, with each episode featuring a different restaurateur. The Main Course also focuses on business strategies that can boost revenue and covers the latest in restaurant technology.

Another popular restaurant marketing podcast is Fast Casual Nation, which takes a look at the food and beverage industry as a whole. The podcast features tips from industry experts and interviews with successful restaurateurs.

Finally, the Shandeeland restaurant marketing podcast is a fun listen that covers industry insights and all the little things that happen in the restaurant world. The episodes are short and often humorous.

Getting Started

Podcasts can help restaurant owners and operators stay current on trends, new technologies, and best practices. Whether you want to learn how to get more customers through social media or just want to listen to interesting stories about food history while doing inventory, there’s a podcast for you.

The first step in starting a restaurant marketing podcast is to record your episode and create supplemental content like show notes and transcripts. Next, design eye-catching artwork for your podcast using a software tool like Canva. People do evaluate a podcast by its cover, so make sure yours is striking and represents your show.

This podcast celebrates all the laughs, joys, and trials that go into running restaurants. It covers everything from the best ways to sell online ordering to minimum wage laws across the country.


A podcast is a great way to stay informed and gain new insights while on the go. The best restaurant marketing podcasts are entertaining and engaging, while also educating listeners. If you’re not sure how to start a podcast, there are plenty of resources available online. You can choose from free hosting platforms like Anchor or paid options like Buzzsprout. Once your podcast is ready to go, you can submit it to podcast directories like iTunes and Spotify.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about SEO, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, yield utilization, USPs, menu engineering, or partnership marketing, there’s something for you on this top-rated podcast series. With almost 900 episodes to date, it’s easy to see why this podcast has gained such popularity. It’s a must-listen for anyone involved in the hospitality industry.

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